Hourly Rates:
(On Site and Remote Work)

 Per Hour

Evenings after 6pm and Weekends
First Hour.  $150 Each Additional Hour.

  • All on site and remote work will be handled on our hourly repair rate.

Malware Removal Service:
(Recommend PC Tune-Up)


  • We scan for and remove all infections.
  • Cleaning is done on site

Tune-Up (PC):
(Includes malware removal)


  • This service thoroughly covers every aspect of PC integrity.
  • Security Evaluation and Lock down.
  • Driver Evaluation and Upgrades.
  • Deep Patch Scanning and Downloading/Installation. (security)
  • Registry Structure Repair and Error Removal.
Tune-Up (continued)

  • Registry and Startup Streamlining for performance.
  • All Internal Path, Association or Errors Corrected or Removed.
  • All Malware Infections and/or Malicious Applications Removed.
  • Full System Protection Installed and Auto Configured.
  • End-of-Life Applications Addressed, Removed or Replaced. (security)
  • Hard Drive Surface and Protected System Files Scan/Repair.
  • Full System Flush – All Temp, Cache, Recent, Logs, History, Etc.
  • Memory Allocation, Indexing and Paging Settings Optimized.
  • Standard, Registry, Master File Table (MFT) and Page File Defrag.
  • Recommend memory upgrade if… Windows 10: is below 8GB Ram
  • Backup Systems Evaluated and Repaired or Corrected (if in place)
  • Partition Structure(s) Evaluated and Adjusted (request)
  • Detailed Hardware or Software Removal/Installation Recommendations.

PC Customization:
(Make it Yours)


  • Remove all trial and bundled applications
  • Install free antivirus and anti-spyware programs
  • Customize your new computer to meet your needs
  • Backup data from your old PC
  • Transfer data to your new PC

Computer Data Wiping and Recycling:
(Reduced Pricing with purchase of PC Customization)

$80 with purchase of PC Customization.
$120 as a standalone purchase.

  • We will securely wipe the data from your old computer and recycle it.
  • Recommended if you no longer want your old computer, want to protect your data and identity and want to be environmentally friendly.

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