Remember when your computer was new?

You didn’t have to worry about errors and crashes and your system was fast.  Slow Computer, No Problem.  YourTech will speed up your old or slow computer with our Tune-Up service.  Our Tune-Up service Includes:

· Scanning and Repair of Problems including viruses and spyware
· Delete unwanted files from your hard drive
· Optimize your system settings for optimal performance
· Delete or Disable any unnecessary startup items to speed up your startup time
· Install all the latest Windows and Mac Updates and program updates
· Defragment your hard drive to consolidate your data

Your computer will be faster and more secure with our Tune-Up service.  We recommend we do this service for you annually.

Computer and Laptop Security

It is important to keep all of your software and hardware drivers up to date.  This will make your computer more secure and perform better.  YourTech will update your drivers and software to the latest versions so your system is more safe and secure and performs better.

We will also remove any software that is no longer supported because there are security risks in keeping this software on our computer.